How to register a ( . sa) domain through Cyberia
Posted by on 21 October 2012 11:22 AM

 In order to register or .sa  domain the following steps are required :

 1-Send cyberia a Copy of the Commercial registration certificate

 2-A formal Letter requesting Domain registration, we provide this letter to our clients after we get the above info and the administrator full contacts like ( p o box, postal code , mobile , land line, active e-mail etc… )

 3- The client should print the previous letter on the official company letter head along with the name and position of the authorized (signed) person and stamped by the company stamp and chamber of commerce

 4- A Clarification letter about the official or commercial relation between the requested domain name and the company name as mentioned in the Commercial registration certificate

 5- Once the above documents are received, Cyberia will submit the request to Saudinic

 6- Saudinic will send a confirmation e-mail to the client admin contact e-mail for approval

 7- Once approved by admin contact , Saudi Nic will confirm receiving the request and will start processing it within one working day or less depending on their requests queue.

  It important to mention that the information in the letter should match the information provided in the online Service Request (application form) such as domain name, entity name, and administrator contact information.

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