How to transfer your domain to Cyberia
Posted by Shivin Hameed on 10 August 2011 03:04 PM

Below is the procedure for domain transfer to Cyberia.

1) The customer has to provide us with the existing DNS zone entries which is active at their current hosting company.

2) Cyberia will configure the DNS zone at our name servers and

3)Once the DNS zone is active on Cyberia, the customer can initiate the name-server change to the above mentioned name servers at their domain registrar. Cyberia can assist the customer during this process.
Usually, for .com domains the domain transfer can be finalized within one working day.
For domains, since there are few paper-works involved with Saudi-Nic, it might take more than a day.

4) All associated services with the domain, such as web-hosting, corporate mail service etc can be configured on the same day the domain is transferred.

5) For Webhosting customers, Cyberia will be providing the control panel and FTP access to upload their existing website contents to Cyberia Webhosting servers. For more details regarding our webhosting packages and control panels, visit

NOTE : If the customer has subscribed for Webhosting, it is their responsibility to upload the website contents on to the allocated web-space.

Also, if the customer has subscribed for Corporate Mail-hosting, creating individual email accounts through the Mail control panel falls under their responsibility.

Full documentation regarding Webhosting and Mail control panel usage will be provided to the customer.

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