Procedure to migrate your website to our new Windows Plesk server
Posted by Shivin Hameed on 30 August 2011 09:05 PM

As part of improving our customer relationship, we are offering our webhosting customers who host their website on our old webhosting server a free upgrade to our new Windows Plesk server.

Our new Windows Plesk server has more advanced features compared to the old server

Few of them are specified below :

a) On addition to FTP login you will also be having a web control panel to manage your website and databases.

b) The new server supports the latest .NET framework as well as PHP, Microsoft-SQL and MySQL

c) You can generate statistics reports of the visitors of your website and even the pages they had visited.

For more details, please visit

Steps for migration:

1) Customer has to submit a ticket through our support portal requesting the migration.

2) Once the request is received, we will create a new webhosting account for the customer's domain on our windows Plesk server and will provide the customer their new control panel and FTP login credentials.  On addition to this, complete documentation regarding control panel usage will be provided.

3) Customer will be uploading their website contents on-to the httpdocs folder on their new web-space

4) If the website contains databases ( Mysql or MSSQL ) customer can create them through their Plesk control panel and can then import their existing database contents onto it. We will be assisting the customer during this process.

5) Once the website contents are successfully uploaded Customer can easily verify or preview their new website pages through the web control panel.

6) Once everything is verified, Customer should update us to change their website DNS record to point to the new server.

Please note that this process will be completed with zero downtime for the customer's website.

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